Apr 30, 2009


Hello darlings.

I am glad to inform you that i will be posting up pictures for DEMOOIEZIEL's first full collection real soon. So, I will see you soon then. toodles.

Lenzee Dawn Snowphish

Apr 8, 2009

chin up, and WALK!

It’s good to see how plus size women are now able to be fashionable without having to lose 30pounds of weight to get the outfit of their dreams and it is possible nowadays, with tans of plus size boutiques emerging in the market. Some people would say, “but it won’t look as good as it would be on a size 2 girl”. To judge how a dress looks beautiful on anyone at all, I think it’s subjective, isn’t it? For me, I think it’s the confidence you have in yourself makes the outfit look good. Even if you’re a size 2, but if you can’t carry yourself well, it will do no good.

Being a plus size myself, I can’t help from having this low self-esteem problem. I used to be so insecure of how i look, what i wear, etc. But when I sit and think, it’s a waste of time to think too much about what other people has to say about what you wear or even just about you. You have to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. You have to love yourself the most. I used to be that kind of girl, who keeps on thinking about what people, would say about my choice of outfit, but no more. I now wear what I want to wear, not what other people expect me to wear, because I wear what I feel comfortable wearing, if other people don’t think so, screw them all.

You ought to do the same thing too. Wear what you feel like wearing; don’t let other people decide for you. You can ask for advises, but at the end of the day, you have to make a decision for yourself.

smile. live life.

Lenzee Dawn Snowphish

Apr 3, 2009

pictures are up loves.









price: rm65 (no posting charges)
measurements: 12 " x 16 "

Lenzee Dawn Snowphish