Sep 12, 2010

a fresh start!


Dear all,

DEMOOIEZIEL has been operated since March 2009, but since then, the updates weren't really consistent and it was much of a CHAOS as i am trying hard to balance the blog with my study and work.

Okay, let's forget about that. I want to tell you that i am still here today as i still want to be able to use my flair in fashion for you to enjoy.

I know many were pretty much off with the way i handled the business, but forgive me as i am a normal human being who can't seem to run from having to make all the mistakes in life, and sometimes idiotically repeating it.

I am happy to announce that DEMOOIEZIEL and all of its associates:

existing: significantjunk & ilovevintage

new: se7en8nine & fashiondiary

will start fresh on the 1st OF JANUARY 2011 as a more organized and interesting brand of clothing line.

Loads of love,

Suraya Tarmizi

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